• Julia Fox turns heads at Paris Fashion Week
  • She wears a sultry dress
  • Fox looks super sexy

It's the grand finale of fashion month, darlings, and Paris Fashion Week is serving up the crème de la crème of style! The City of Light is ablaze with A-listers, and guess who's slaying the runway? Julia Fox, the silver screen siren, just strutted into the fashion frenzy with a look that screams "Yeti chic"!

Sexy ladies:

On the opening day of PFW, Fox was the embodiment of high fashion, closing the Pressiat show in a silver grey pleated maxi dress that plunged daringly low. But wait, there's more! She topped off her ensemble with an oversized jacket, boasting the fluffiest XL collar you've ever seen – talk about making a statement!

Julia Fox: Slaying the winter wonderland look with icy glamour

Her beauty game? On point! Julia's icey grey locks now feature playful pink highlights, and her green eyeshadow is peeking out like a fashion-forward game of hide and seek. With black pointed-toe platform heels to seal the deal, she's got the whole "walking in a winter wonderland" vibe down pat.

PFW - Pressiat Runway Julia Fox walks the runway during the Pressiat Womenswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 show as part of Pa

Let's be real – only icons close a fashion show, and Julia Fox is serving icon behavior with a capital "I". The snow on the runway? Merely a prop for her Yeti chic moment.

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