Many fans of NCIS: L.A. are currently on alert: They fear that the show will end with the finale of the tenth season. The fans have some theories why that might be the case, as the "TV Insider" reports.

NCIS: Los Angeles: Will the season 10 finale be the last episode?

In the final episode of the season, the NCIS investigators "Deeks" (Daniela Ruah, 35) and "Kensi" (Eric Christian Olsen, 41) will get married. The two are planning to have children, which means that at least one of them would have to leave the show sooner or later. The fact that Eric Christian Olsen might be leaving NCIS: L.A. has been suspected by some for quite some time, because he has some new TV projects lined up.

In addition, CBS has not yet confirmed that they are working on an eleventh season. There is also further evidence that plot lines for a number of characters are coming to an end.

It appears to be true!

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In the latest NCIS: L.A. episode called "Search", which was broadcast on March 31st, "Eric" (Barrett Foa, 41) and "Nell" (Renée Felice Smith, 34) discuss moving to another city.

"Nell's" mother has just been diagnosed with heart disease and the treatment center that "Nell" is considering is located in San Francisco. "Eric" was actually offered a job there as well.

If the two move, they would also probably have to leave the show, just like "Deeks" and "Kensi". We sure hope that NCIS: L.A. will NOT be cancelled, but it is ultimately up to CBS. We can only wait and see...