• Harry and Meghan are in Nigeria
  • They have fun in their first engagement
  • The couple dances with schoolchildren

Upon landing in Nigeria, the Sussexes were immediately swept up in the local culture, dancing with schoolchildren and engaging with the community. Their visit to the Lights Academy was a highlight, with Meghan and Harry both taking the time to connect with the students on a personal level. The warmth and joy of their welcome were evident in every smile and handshake, showcasing the couple's genuine affection for the people they met.

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A heartfelt message:

Harry's speech on mental health struck a chord, reminding everyone that "it's okay not to be okay." His candidness about mental health challenges and the importance of conversation was a powerful moment, resonating deeply with both the young audience and the global community. Meghan's support and admiration for her husband were palpable, further emphasizing their united front on important issues.


Meghan's desire to explore her Nigerian heritage adds a personal touch to their visit, highlighting the importance of understanding one's roots. The couple's efforts to bring the Invictus Games to Nigeria by 2029 underscore their commitment to fostering international goodwill and supporting the global veteran community.

A royal tour with a twist:

Labelled a "faux-royal tour," Harry and Meghan's visit to Nigeria goes beyond traditional royal engagements. From participating in cultural activities to advocating for mental health awareness, the Sussexes are carving out their unique path, one that respects royal traditions while embracing the freedom to make a difference in their way.

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