• Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie celebrate wedding anniversary
  • The royal couple have been married for 25 years
  • They share a new portrait
Sophie, a savvy public relations professional back then, caught Edward's eye and the rest, as they say, is history. Fast forward to January 1999, the couple announced their engagement, showcasing Sophie's breathtaking Asprey and Garrard white gold engagement ring, valued at a cool £105,000. This piece of bling features a two-carat central diamond hugged by two heart-shaped diamonds - talk about a symbol of love! 

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Their wedding, held at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, was nothing short of a fairytale. Unlike typical royal weddings, Edward and Sophie opted for a relaxed vibe, ditching the ceremonial state or military involvement and even the traditional hats! This move made their nuptials more intimate and personal, with 200 million viewers tuning in to witness their love story unfold on television.

A family affair: Life after the fairytale nuptials

The royal couple's journey didn't stop at the altar. They welcomed two beautiful children, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Earl of Wessex, into their lives. Residing in a £30million mansion at Bagshot Park, the family enjoys a close-knit life, often visiting the late Queen for tea at Windsor Castle.

As they celebrate 25 years of marriage, Sophie's tearful tribute to Edward on his 60th birthday earlier this year reminds us all of the power of love, friendship, and laughter. Calling him "the best of fathers, the most loving of husbands," Sophie proves that their love is as strong as ever.

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