• Ricki Lake has a lost a lot of weight
  • She shares her journey online
  • THIS is how she is doing today

Lake's commitment to a healthier lifestyle without pharmaceutical aid is a testament to the power of natural methods in the battle against the bulge, especially during the challenging perimenopause phase.

Ricki looks great!

The beloved talk show maven and silver screen starlet, has just dropped a bombshell on her adoring fans – a whopping 30-pound weight loss that's got everyone talking!

The 55-year-old actress took to Instagram with a series of snaps that screamed #CoupleGoals and #FitnessInspiration.

In a world obsessed with quick fixes and magic pills, Ricki and her hubby Ross Burningham are proving that you can turn back the clock with good ol' fashioned sweat and determination.

"We did this without relying on a pharmaceutical," Lake proudly proclaimed, setting the record straight that a healthy lifestyle is within reach for everyone.

Navigating the tricky tides of perimenopause, Ricki was unsure if her body would cooperate. But guess what? She's feeling "amazing" and "strong" – and her mirror selfies don't lie!

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Starting at 170 pounds, Ricki's journey is documented in stunning before-and-after shots. From hiking with her hubby to flaunting her new figure in sporty attire, she's the epitome of health.

Teasing us with the promise of more details, Ricki hints at an upcoming reveal of her health and fitness regimen. If her current results are anything to go by, we're all ears!