• Oprah Winfrey is a cultural icon
  • These days she is a weight loss spokesperson
  • THIS is what Oprah has been doing herself

The queen of talk shows is now the queen of self-love and body positivity, and she's sharing her secrets with the world. "It was public sport to make fun of me for 25 years," Oprah revealed to 'People'. The criticism cut deep, but Oprah is no longer playing the blame game.

She's turned her hurt into determination and is now a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with body image.

Oprah got her groove back

After knee surgery in 2021, Oprah's path to wellness took a hike - literally! She started conquering miles, and with each step, she found strength and vitality. "I felt stronger, more fit and more alive than I’d felt in years," she exclaimed. Oprah's not just walking the walk; she's hiking it!

Oprah's weight-loss strategy isn't just about counting points or guzzling water. She's embraced weight-loss medication as a tool, not a crutch. "Obesity is a disease," she states, shattering misconceptions and freeing herself from shame.

Oprah has finally admitted she has been using weight-loss medication for her dramatic body transformation - after previously denying she would ever take Ozempic or similar drugs to lose weight. 

The admission comes after Winfrey said she would not take Ozempic and similar drugs in the class of weight-loss medications because she viewed them as an 'easy way out' during a discussion with WeightWatchers CEO Sima Sistani.

She told 'People' magazine: "I now use it as I feel I need it, as a tool to manage not yo-yoing" - but did not name the drug that she uses.

"The fact that there's a medically approved prescription for managing weight and staying healthier, in my lifetime, feels like relief, like redemption, like a gift, and not something to hide behind and once again be ridiculed for." 

"I’m absolutely done with the shaming from other people and particularly myself" and added she had actively recommended the weight loss aid to other people before deciding to take it herself.

And so, the cat's out of the bag!

More than just about looks

She added that her fitness and health routine are integral to maintaining her weight loss saying: "It’s everything. I know everybody thought I was on it, but I worked so damn hard. I know that if I’m not also working out and vigilant about all the other things, it doesn’t work for me."

"I had an awareness of [weight-loss] medications, but felt I had to prove I had the willpower to do it. I now no longer feel that way."

Oprah was encouraged to use medical weight loss drugs after the taped panel conversation in July with weight loss experts and clinicians - which led to her 'biggest aha moment.' The conversation was released online in September and saw Winfrey staunchly denying she would ever take weight loss drugs.

She said: "I realized I’d been blaming myself all these years for being overweight, and I have a predisposition that no amount of willpower is going to control. Obesity is a disease. It’s not about willpower. It's about the brain."

Also interesting:

Despite the buzz around weight-loss drugs, Oprah insists there's no magic bullet. Her regimen includes exercise, discipline, and a holistic approach to health. "I worked so damn hard," she declares, proving that success is a cocktail of effort and smart choices.

Oprah's goal isn't a number on the scale; it's about living a vibrant life. She's conquered the mountain she once gazed at from her window, symbolizing her journey to self-redemption. "It felt like redemption," she says, and we can't help but cheer her on.

For many, her journey continues to be an inspiration and we are all here for it!