• Wendy Williams has been diagnosed with dementia
  • Her son has revealed the cause behind it
  • HERE is what he had to say

The 23-year-old shares intimate details about Williams' battle with frontotemporal dementia, attributed to her alcoholism, and the family's heartache amidst her health crisis.

The Williams family needs time to heal

In a jaw-dropping confession that has fans reeling, Kevin Hunter Jr. drops a truth bomb about his mother, Wendy Williams, the queen of daytime TV drama. The two-part tell-all, 'Where Is Wendy Williams?', aired on Lifetime, and it's got everyone talking!

"It was the drink talking," Hunter Jr. reveals, painting a picture of a beloved media maven losing her spark to the bottle. "Her headspace, her brain... it was all taking a hit because of the booze." The doctors called it – alcohol-induced dementia.

Williams first faced the music in a Florida rehab back in 2019, but the official word on her dementia and aphasia didn't drop until 2023. Alex Finnie, Wendy's niece, suspected trouble when memories started slipping away.

"It's heartbreaking," she admits, detailing how the pandemic, a painful divorce, and the loss of Williams' mother piled on the pressure.

The shocking series reveals a Wendy Williams we hardly recognize, sipping away despite her notorious struggles.

Yet, her former rep Shawn Zanotti plays it cool, insisting Wendy "knows her limits." But the plot thickens as her former attorney, LaShawn Thomas, casts doubt on the dementia diagnosis, suggesting a guardianship gone wrong.

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Thomas takes to Instagram with a video of a healthier Wendy, contrasting her current state under New York guardianship. "These Wendys are not the same," she writes, questioning the rapid decline and the barring of her son from her side.