Jane Fonda has always fought for what she believes in. A clip of an interview with the Grace and Frankie actress during a 1979 protest in San Francisco has gone viral! Watch it below.

Jane Fonda 1979 Interview

The award-winning actress Jane Fonda has always been a loud and proud activist for the movements she believes in. Jane was even arrested recently at one of her recent Fire Drill Fridays protests bringing awareness to the climate emergency. Jane has also been a pillar in the LGBTQ+ community, fighting for equal rights and gay marriage. Now a video of an interview with her has resurfaced and is not circulating all over social media. 

Following the vicious assassination of the first openly gay elected official in California Harvey Milk, the White Night Riots took place on the streets of San Francisco. Jane Fonda joined to show her support for the LGBTQ+ community and a camera crew stopped to interview her in 1979. The interviewer asked her "Do you feel that the gays in San Francisco, who are very powerful and very strong, need support? Are they still being discriminated against?"

Jane responded with: "Oh absolutely! Culturally, psychologically, economically, politically, gays and lesbians are discriminated against." When asked if she feels the LGBTQ+ community is using her she easily responded with "I hope they use me. What am I here for if not to be used by good people for good things? I'm part of an organization and you could also be cynical as you are and ask me isn't the organization using me? But you could also think, aren't I using the organization just the way the gays and lesbians here are using the organization they're a part of if it helps give us perspective, helps us keep our values intact, it increases our power because as individuals we don't have very much, but altogether, we have a lot of power." 

She declared that all the movement asked for was "nothing less than respect and justice." Now tons of fans and celebrities alike are posting the footage making the clip go viral! Way to go, Jane! Check out the video here: