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2019 Emmy Awards: All The Winners

This year's Emmys was full of surprises and the legendary Bob Newhart was one of them! Ben Stiller came out on stage to take a through a "wax museum" of comedic legends from George Burns to Lucille Ball and then to Bob Newhart, who stood there frozen at 90 years old before proceeding to say, "Ben, I'm still alive."

Ben Stiller and Bob Newhart present the first award at the 2019 Emmys 

The audience was left laughing after the antics of Ben and Bob together as they presented the evenings very first award. Newhart's career goes back for decades and he was nominated seven times for an Emmy. His first win was in 2013 for his guest appearance no The Big Bang Theory. This nod to Newhart's fantastic career was one of the many special moments shown during this year's Emmy Awards. 

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