• Jodie Sweetin and Mescal Wasilewski got engaged last year
  • Sweetin shared why her new fiancé is a perfect fit for her
  • The actress also revealed that her family loves him too

Jodie Sweetin couldn't be more in love with her fiancé Mescal Wasilewski! The star recently talked to Entertainment Tonight about her relationship, sharing why she's so thrilled that they found each other.

Sweetin says she and Wasilewski "have never" argued

Sweetin gushed about Wasilewski during the interview, explaining what makes him such a good match for her. "He's my best friend," she told Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima, saying that they "love so many of the same things and connect in such a great way." And as she revealed, there hasn't even been cause for confrontation!

Jodie Sweetin in 2017.

The Full House star revealed that the two "have never had an argument" during the entire time they've been together. She commented on how Wasilewski is more accepting and supporting of her than any of her previous partners, calling him "kind and wonderful." It's not just Sweetin who loves him either, as some of the most important people in her life have also given him their blessing!

Also interesting:

Sweetin said her 13-year-old daughter Beatrix and 11-year-old daughter Zoe were on board with Wasilewski's proposal, and so were her parents. She expressed her delight at how her now-fiancé went about things "exactly right," saying that she's "really at peace and really happy" with him. And when it comes to wedding plans, Sweetin shared she wants "something small with family and a few friends."