• Jennifer Lopez opens up about dating Ben Affleck
  • She shares how their relationship has changed
  • Lopez also praises Affleck's personal evolution

Jennifer Lopez couldn't be happier that she and Ben Affleck are back together! The singer and actress is featured on the cover of People this month, and she told the outlet why their relationship is even better than before.

Lopez says her romance with Affleck is "beautiful"

Lopez and Affleck first dated back in 2002 before calling it quits at the beginning of 2004. However, the two stars decided to give their romance another go last spring! Lopez shared that she feels "lucky and happy and proud" to be with Affleck, calling the way things have worked out between them "a beautiful love story."

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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The Marry Me star said that her relationship with Affleck "feels very different" this time around, explaining that there's "more of an appreciation and a celebration for it." She commented on the rarity of their romance working out a second time, sharing that they "don't take it for granted." 

Lopez also revealed that Affleck's personal growth has helped strengthen their relationship. She said that she's "so proud of the man he's become," calling the honesty and love between them "the basis of everything." In a recent video, Lopez shared her 2022 goals, sharing that she's working on becoming the best version of herself as well, so their love is sure to continue to thrive!