• Aaron Rodgers is thanking Shailene Woodley
  • Rodgers made a special gratitude post
  • Rodgers and Woodley split this year

Aaron Rodgers wants Shailene Woodley to know how grateful he is for her! On Monday night, the Green Bay Packers quarterback made a touching Instagram post in which he mentioned the actress, who he recently separated from.

Rodgers says Woodley showed him "unconditional love"

Rodgers and Woodley began dating back in 2020 and became engaged last year. However, while their relationship has now come to an end, it seems that Rodgers still thinks highly of his former partner. In his "#MondayNightGratitude" post, he mentioned wanting to thank "some of the incredibly special people in my life," with Woodley being the first of those people. He even shared a sweet new photo of the two together!

Aaron Rodgers shares selfie with Shailene Woodley

The football star's post suggests he was the one who initially pursued things with Woodley, as he thanked her for "letting me chase after you the first couple months after we met, and finally letting me catch up to you and be a part of your life." Rodgers also reflected on the positivity Woodley brought into his own life! He mentioned his gratitude for the support and "incredible kindness" she extends to all those around her, as well as "for showing me what unconditional love looks like."

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Rodgers ended his message to Woodley on a sweet note, showing how deeply he cares about her still. "I love you and am grateful for you," he wrote. The post also saw him pay tribute to his football teammates, who he called "the icing on the beautiful cake we call our job" and talked about how much their friendship and shared experiences mean to him.