• Alison Arngrim is known from Little House on the Prairie 
  • She played the infamous "Nellie"
  • Here's why she hated herself for an episode

The fact is, "Nellie Oleson" brought fire to the stories on Little House on the Prairie. She was known for her meanness and nasty demeanor. Actress Alison Arngrim was therefore not liked by all fans at the time and even had lemonade thrown at her because of the public's disdain for her character!

Alison Arngrim doesn't like "Nellie" herself

The Little House star opened up to Yahoo Entertainment about the moment that made her hate herself. It's about episode 19 of the third season, which is titled The Music Box. That's where "Nellie" probably reached the peak of her evils!

Alison Arngrim, Melissa Gilbert on Little Farm

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"It's the one with the girl who stutters. Oof! So, Nellie has a club, and I'm the president, and I rule everyone. Why Laura would want to be in Nellie's club is not quite explained. I don't know. But she has this friend who stutters and stammers. And so I treat her horribly and make fun of her," Alison Arngrim told Yahoo

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