• Simon Baker is an Australian television star
  • He has been married to actress Rebecca Rigg for more than 25 years
  • The two actors met while working together

There's no doubt that Simon Baker and Rebecca Rigg are absolutely beautiful together. The couple is a clear example that true love does exist. With only seeing them together, it is obvious that cupid did an excellent job in pairing these soul mates. Simon Baker is known for giving life to the famous psychic on the CBS series The Mentalist.

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Simon Baker and Rebecca Rigg's Love Story

Most television fans will recognize Simon's face if not his character. But what about her? While Rebecca Rigg is also a famous Australian actress known for her roles in movies like Fatty Finn and Ellie Parker. Rebecca began her career in 1977 while Simon began his 15 years later. It was in 1991 when the two actors became friends after meeting on the set of the Australian soap opera E Street...

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