Here's a welcome update for fans of Little People, Big World.

This week, reality star Amy Roloff paid a visit to see her daughter Molly. Fans know Molly well from her years growing up on LPBW, but we've hardly seen the now 27-year-old in recent years!

Amy Roloff's new picture with daughter Molly in 2021

Molly is now 27 and lives in Spokane with her husband Joel. They were married in 2017, and since the wedding Molly has eased her way off of her family's TLC series.

But the couple did welcome Molly's mom Amy for a visit this week. On Monday, the 56-year-old shared photos from a road trip with her fiancé Chris, including a great new shot of the mother-daughter duo.

Amy wrote: "Had a great time seeing my daughter Molly (and Joel, he was finishing up his MBA)." Molly also appears in a few other pictures in the post.

Amy and Chris were on a three-day trip to Spokane and Coeur d'Alene, which allowed for the nice family reunion.

Amy, who is soon-to-be married to Chris Marek, added on her post: "With wedding planning going on, this was a great short trip we needed. Wonderful time."

Little People, Big World is currently airing its 23rd season on TLC. You can click here to see what Amy Roloff has been up to lately.

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