• Ann Wilson is the singer for Heart
  • Her sister Nancy Wilson plays the guitar
  • The rock group Heart has been making music for 5 decades

Wow, Ann Wilson is shaking things up at 71! The rock icon is moving on from the band that gave her fame. Heart, which has been largely considered one of the best rock groups of the '70s and '80s, is losing its frontwoman!

Ann Wilson records her first solo album

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Ann Wilson is revealing that she's ready for a change, and is releasing her solo album this April 29. This will be her third, however, it will be the first album of hers that won't feature her sister, and will contain a majority of her own content.

The vocalist shared that it's not always been easy separating herself from her sister, as the related duo have been seen performing onstage together for nearly 50 years.

Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart attend the Third Annual Love Rocks NYC Benefit Concert

The album, which will be titled Fierce Bliss, comes shortly before Heart's 50th anniversary. Wilson said she's thrilled to get back on the road and tour because when she's performing, that's when she's "truly herself".

The release of Nancy Wilson's solo album one year prior and now Ann's has stirred some rumours that perhaps the sisters are in a feud, but Ann assured the outlet that is simply untrue.

"We love each other," she said. "She and I really look forward to smooth sailing." She also noted that spending time apart gives them a chance to bring new material to Heart recording sessions, and only benefits them.

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"There seems to be this mistaken myth that Nancy and I are at each other's throats all the time," she said. "That's really not the case. We're family, and we'll always be sisters. Things happen inside of families, and then you figure them out."

Both women were indicted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, and the two still feel like they're in their element touring. 

We can't wait to hear the new album!