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The star of 'Top Gun' has 3 daughters and a son...

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Anthony Edwards is an amazing actor who has starred in more than 30 films and more than 20 television shows. The Golden Globe award winner is better known for his appearance on E.R. as "Dr. Mark Greene" for a total of 181 episodes from 1994 to 2008, and for starring in the 1986 Top Gun as "Nick Goose."

It was the latter role that gave him public acknowledgement back in the 1980's, "Nick Goose" was among the most prominent and popular characters in the film, where Edwards shared credits with Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. But did you know he actually regrets appearing in Top Gun?

This is why Anthony Edwards regrets appearing in Top Gun

"Nick Goose" might have defined Anthony Edwards's career, but a couple of years ago the 57-year-old actor revealed he actually regrets appearing in the iconic film. Despite he love of flying (he actually has a pilot's license), he has a very strong opinion in regards to the armed forces. "That kind of glorifying the military is... it breaks my heart a little bit. But that doesn’t apply when you’re doing slow-motion scenes and all that. 'Goose' is a character that, like 'Mark Greene', I’m stopped every day about. And I’m a big motor-racing fan, so when I go to Formula One races or whatever kind of races, all the gearheads really love Top Gun," said Edwards, according to AV Club.

It was recently confirmed that the sequel of Top Gun will be released next year. Top Gun: Maverick will bring back Tom Cruise in his legendary role as "Pete." But a couple of years ago Anthony Edwards was asked about a possible new version of the film - he was not quite convinced about it: "Do I think it’s a necessity? Only if I can be 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' and come back. But I think you’ll find I was quoted somewhere about how I didn’t think it was necessary for it to be reissued," the California native said.

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