Arnie is pissed! Even fresh out of heart surgery Arnold Schwarzenegger paid tribute to the fallen veterans and was shocked to see what he saw. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Furious

The former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger took to social media to passionately express his frustrations. He felt so disheartened to see such a low turnout at the Los Angeles Veterans Cemetary when Trump supporters have been showing up in the thousands at rallies'.

Arnold explained, "When I came home I said to myself. It doesn't make any sense. I was kind of upset, you have to understand that in this cemetery where there were almost 100,000 people buried, veterans. There were only like 20 people walking around."

He found this so incredibly frustrating considering these veterans paved the way for immigrants like Arnold to live freely.

"Think about that, I mean, 20 people for almost 100,000 veterans that are buried there. But then the people go, 20,000 or so go to a political rally where someone promises to make America great. But the fact of the matter is, those veterans are the ones who made America great. No one else."

The Terminator star boldly challenged viewers to show up in honor of veterans next time and to think about the values they claim to have. "So I hope that next year when I go back to that cemetery that I will see you 20,000 that are so patriotic. I hope I see you there. I think it is a discussion that we should have. The definition of patriotism. Let's talk about it."

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