Former Bachelorette's Discuss Black Lives Matter

The former Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin have been having deep conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement and last week's episode was especially important because of a post on social media by Becca's fiancé Garrett Yrigoyen. 

Both women are very good at articulating what they think and feel while being careful not to hurt anyone, like when Colton Underwood opened up to Becca about his virginity and she stepped away to gather her thoughts to be as gentle and accepting as possible with him. Rachel (until now) was the only person of color lead in the entire 24 seasons of the Bachelor and 15 seasons of the Bachelorette history and has been a strong voice in the fight for change.

After Garrett posted a lengthy statement about his support of the police and how they are being victimized, Becca was shaken up and had a difficult time expressing herself. She addressed how she failed her cohost and listeners in that episode. "I want to first start by saying Rachel, I owe you an apology... I fell short last week because this conversation... deserved my complete, undivided attention. It deserved much more care and thoughtfulness on my end. You delivered all of that and more and I did not," she told Rachel.

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Becca Kurfin On Her Relationship Status With Garrett Yrigoyen

Addressing fans Becca said: "For those who are curious about my relationship with Garrett at this point, all I can say right now is that I don't know. I can't give anything more than that."

"Garrett is my fiancé and I love him and to his core, I believe that he is a good person," Kufrin said about Garrett's post "I don’t align with and I don’t agree with," and "I don’t think he meant it in a malicious way. I do think it was tone-deaf, and it was the wrong time and message and sentiment." Apparently, Garrett's close police officer friend was shot during one of the riots which emotionally affected him.

Becca's friend Bekah Martinez whom she was in Ari's season of the Bachelor with commented on Garrett's post saying "Here's the thing: being black is not a uniform you can remove on your days off, it definitely does not protect you from the justice system, it is not something you get PAID to be, and it is most certainly not something you can quit or retire from. STOP COMPARING THE EXPERIENCE OF A CHOSEN CAREER TO THE EXPERIENCE OF BEING BLACK. You can choose to support cops AND understand that the 'thin blue line' flag now represents and signals BLUE LIVES MATTER to the majority of the population."

The Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin Discuss Garrett's Problematic Post

In the podcast, Becca Kufrin explained that she was listening to her friend Rachel and wants to show her full-blown support saying: "It's something you've been fighting for and have been so vocal about in this franchise for years now ... and I hear you when you say things need to change. I agree with you. I want to throw my voice behind yours to amplify that message to say let it not stop there."

Rachel was clearly grateful for her friend's openness in having such tough discussions and even thanked her for checking up on Rachel while also bringing up Garrett's past controversy.

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Rachel reminded Becca about Garrett's past history of liking hateful and xenophobic posts. Garrett did address the issue at the time and apologized saying his very liberal fiancé Kufrin "helped me through everything," and "when I was liking things, it was going against things she stands for and that made it really hard on us as a couple. We got through that together and we're growing."

Rachel explained to her friend Becca that this most recent post was not an "isolated incident" and that "To me, this is what Garrett thinks, this is what Garrett is. He posted a black box. He never said 'black lives matter.' He posted fists of every color, which to me is like, 'Everybody, all lives.' And then the very next post is the 'thin blue line' with a heartfelt, thought-out caption that he said with his chest. And to me, that is what you feel, and that is what you believe. I don’t think Garrett is malicious, but Garrett is what the problem is."

Garrett has shown the ability to learn and reflect like his fiancé, hopefully, some positivity comes from this situation. 

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