• Lea Thompson is a famous actress
  • She starred in Back to the Future
  • Learn more about her love life and husband here 

Beautiful Lea Thompson has been married for over 30 years! Meet the man who won over the Hollywood starlet's love.

Lea Thomspon and Howard Deutch's Love Story

Howard Deutch had become well-respected in Hollywood after he directed the "Brat Pack" hit Pretty in Pink starring Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, Andrew McCarthy, and James Spader. He went on to direct countless Hollywood hits and TV shows like The Whole Ten Yards, My Best Friends GirlTrue Blood, Warehouse 13, and Empire

But his greatest personal success has to be filming the 1987 drama Some Kind of Wonderful. This is when he cast Back to the Future star Lea Thompson for a lead role as "Amanda."

Howard told Salon, "I met my wife on set so it's a meaningful movie to me. Of course, how sexy Lea [is] was part of why I wanted her in the movie. I had a crush on her that all of my friends teased me about. But there's also something grounded and relatable about her on-screen."

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The pair did not begin a relationship during the production of the film because at the time Lea was actually engaged to her Jaws 3-D co-star Dennis Quaid! Luckily for Howard, the pair split and by 1989 Lea and Howard were inseparable and married. 

Howard Deutch on the set of 'The Whole Ten Yards'.

Howard and Lea had their daughters Madelyn and Zoey in 1991 and 1994 respectively. Both continued to work in Hollywood, with Howard earning great success behind the camera for TV shows like Melrose Place, Ringer, CSI: NY, American Horror Story: Coven & Freakshow, True Blood, Jane the Virgin, Young Sheldon, and BH90210

Their daughter also followed in their footsteps, Madelyn starring in Windsor and Texas Uprising and Zoey starring in Vampire Academy, Everybody Wants Some!!, Why Him?, The Disaster Artist, The Professor, and Zombieland: Double Tap.

Howard Deutch, Lea Thompson, Madelyn Deutch, and Zoey Deutch in 2018.

The whole family even collaborated on a film! Madelyn wrote the film The Year Of Spectacular Men that her mother directed, her father produced, and both she and her sister starred in. 

Lea did have one word of warning for her daughters when it comes to acting. She told Entertainment Weekly, "It's really not okay to hook up with your director... even though I did."