Bill Nye knows how crucial wearing a face mask is to stop the spread of coronavirus, and he's created a new TikTok video to help inform the public!

As People reports, Nye— known as "Bill Nye the Science Guy" because of his popular educational videos— can be seen conducting a basic experiment. In the video, Nye shares that he aims to demonstrate "why people in the scientific community want you to wear a face mask while out in public."

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Nye uses mask, candle, and scarf in video to help prove his point

Nye shows the importance of masks with the help of a few simple objects. "Face masks like this one prevent particles from getting into the air and then into your respiratory system," he explains as he holds up a surgical mask. 

As People mentions, Nye says that "blocking the movement of air is an old trick," trying out various forms of face coverings as he sits in front of a lit candle. "Here’s a scarf, it blocks the movement of air around my throat, helps keep me warm," Nye says, while holding up a knitted scarf.

"This scarf won awards in the Washington State Fair for both design and workmanship," he continues. "It can block the movement of air, but only to a certain extent." Then, Nye tries blowing out the candle while his mouth and nose are covered by the scarf— which he has no trouble doing.

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Nye demonstrates how even a "homemade face mask" can help

Nye then tries his candle experiment again, this time wearing a "homemade face mask" created from a couple cloth layers and a pipe cleaner. "It blocks the movement of air very effectively," he explains.

As People mentions, Nye once again attempts to blow out the candle— although this time, he is unsuccessful. 'If you’re wearing one of these, you’re protecting yourself and those around you," he says of homemade masks, which are recommended for the general public.

Nye also shows how N95 respirator masks— which first responders on the front lines of the pandemic have been advised to use— are efficient because they block out the flow of air.

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Nye says wearing a mask is important "to protect me, from you"

Nye goes on to talk about why it's so crucial for people to listen to his advice. "The reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect you, sure," he says in the video.

"But the main reason why we want you to wear a mask is to protect me, from you, and the particles from your respiratory system, from getting into my respiratory system."

"Everybody, this is literally a matter of life or death, and when I say literally, I mean literally! Literally, a matter of life or death!" Nye exclaims. "So when you're out in public, please, wear a mask!" 

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As People shares, Nye's educational TikTok video was posted on Twitter by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo has been a vocal advocate of the importance of masks since they became mandatory in New York back in April. "Listen to Bill Nye," he tweeted alongside the video.

Watch Bill Nye demonstrate the scientific importance of wearing a mask here!

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