Despite the global pandemic, NPR music is making sure they're still giving their fans the live concerts they love! Adding Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell to the list of celebs that have taken part in the YouTube channel sensation, this time the set looked slightly different!

The brother-sister duo performed two singles for the channel, including Eilish's latest single, "My Future", which she released July 30.

The famous tiny desk welcomes Billie & Finneas

Billie Eilish is making waves in the music industry, including her latest single, "My Future", which she released just in time to perform for NPR's "Tiny Desk Concert", a YouTube concert set in a tiny office space.

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas arrive for the 92nd Oscars.

This time, however, due to the ongoing pandemic, Eilish and her brother Finneas O'Connell were forced to perform in front of a cardboard cutout in their own home!

"So obviously we are not actually at the tiny desk," the 18-year-old started."This is is a cardboard cutout of it, but it’s still real it’s just not in-person real," she added, before launching into an emotional rendition of "My Future."

"I’m honoured to be here," she said, adding that she's watched the channel for years.

"I’ve been watching this for years — we have both been watching them for years," she said.

The multiple Grammy-winning teen also shared how she's been handling life in quarantine, saying, "Quarantine’s been weird. I know you all feel the same — it’s been weird, we don’t know how long it’s gonna go, there’s barely anything that feels like there’s any hope."

"But I think the future is something to be super hopeful in. We’ll be okay one day, maybe not right now. I think that’s what’s making me hold on," she added.

Before going into the stunning rendition of "All I've Ever Wanted", the star revealed the song is for O'Connell, whom she refers to as her best friend.

"He’s my best friend and always has been and 'Everything I Wanted' is basically about each other," Eilish said.

"We feel that we’ve always been there for each other and I think we all have or should have one person at least that makes us feel like we’re never alone and that’s Finneas," she said.

Watch the full video below!