Bindi Irwin is celebrating the love between Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin on her parents' special day! On Friday, the young wildlife conservationist— and brand-new mom— made a heartwarming post on Twitter in honour of their anniversary.

Bindi calls her parents' relationship "the stuff of miracles"

Bindi was close to Steve before his death, and also has a beautiful mother-daughter bond with Terri. In the photo she shared of her parents, they can be seen as a young couple at the zoo. Terri holds a reptile while looking over at Steve, who smiles for the camera.

"Soulmates," Bindi tweeted alongside the sweet image. "Happy Anniversary to my sweetheart parents. Your love is the stuff of miracles." Terri then thanked her daughter for the touching tribute, replying to Bindi's tweet with a special message of her own! 

The children of the late Steve Irwin: Bindi Irwin and Robert Irwin 

"Today marks 29 years since I married your dad," Terri said in response. She shared that Steve "was a lot of amazing things, but most of all he was fun." Bindi's brother Robert also took to social media to mark the occasion with a humorous photo of his parents on Instagram, which he called his "favourite photo ever"!