Kristy McNichol (55)  became famous playing "Buddy" in the TV series Family. However, Kirsty, who is the daughter of a Scottish father and a Palestinian mother, had her first television appearance much earlier, when she appeared in an advert at just six years old.

Kristy McNichol: An extraordinary career

McNichol's mother, who was also an actress, became Kristy's manager and is responsible for launching her daughter's fantastic career. Kristy McNichol appeared in numerous films, including Nobody is Perfect (1978), Little Darlings (1980) and Two Moon Junction (1988). She even won two Emmys for her performance as Buddy in Family.

From the end of the seventies onwards, Kristy McNichol also took the music business by storm and released, amongst others, the album Kristy & Jimmy McNichol with her brother in 1978.

Kristy MchNichol has retired from show business

Kristy had to take a break from acting in 1982 due to psychological problems caused by a lot of pressure and stress at work. The popular actres retired from acting for the first time in 1995 after the series Golden Girls finished.

Kristy McNichol went on to teach drama and theatre studies at a private school in Los Angeles and also volunteered for a number of charity projects.

In 2012 McNichol briefly returned to acting to appear in Call to Action to Mayor Bloomberg: Sodas & Soap Operas. Since then, however, she has not taken on any other roles and has instead, once again, devoted her time and efforts to numerous social projects.

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