Cameron Diaz has launched herself into the business of winemaking!

As People reports, Diaz— and her good friend and entrepreneur, Katherine Power— debuted their brand-new organic wine brand, Avaline, on Thursday. And in a press release, Diaz explained what led the duo to pursue this venture!

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Diaz admits she "had no idea" what it took before to make wine

Diaz began her statement by sharing how she became more informed about the winemaking process. 

"I enjoyed wine for many-a-year and never questioned it. Not once," the actress said in her press release. "I actually figured it was the most responsible alcohol choice because it was made with fermented grapes. But I had no idea of the process."

"One of the first conversations Katherine and I had about making a cleaner wine was 'What are we going to add to it?'" Diaz continued. "We soon learned it wasn't what you added, it's what you didn't add."

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Diaz and Power's wine available as both a white and a rosé

Diaz's friend Power then went on to share what the duo learned about winemaking. "We learned most wine is not made with organic grapes and that it can be manipulated with over 70 additives," Power explained.

"This completely changed the way we thought about it," she said. "When we started asking for clean or organic wines in grocery stores, hotels and restaurants, all we got were eye-rolls."

As People reports, Diaz and Power first became interested in creating their own wine in April 2018. Two years later with the launch of Avaline, the pair have done just that. Avaline white "pairs perfectly with fresh-cut flowers and your favorite meal," while Avaline rosé "comes from France and features notes of melon and citrus zest."

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Diaz says she and Power "had so many sessions" thinking of name

Diaz told InStyle magazine that it took a long time for her and Power to land on the perfect name for their wine— which is "organic, vegan, and free of additives," as People mentions.

"We had so many sessions searching for the name, it was crazy," Diaz shared with InStyle. "There are literally hundreds of thousands of wines out there, so all the names were taken."

When it came to choosing "Avaline," Diaz revealed that the name originated from looking at baby names! "I have pages and pages of baby names that we went through, and this one was the one where we were both like, 'Yeah, that's it.'" she said.

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Diaz and Power's wine brand Avaline available in American stores

Diaz's wine is already available in some places! As People mentions, Avaline can be purchased at certain retailers in Washington, D.C., and 43 American states.

"One of our main goals is to increase the prevalence of clean wine in the market, making it available where our consumer is already shopping," Power said of Avaline. Each bottle of Avaline wine retails for $24, and lists all of the ingredients.

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