Chrissy Teigen gave the Cheer cast something to get excited about when she and her mom Vilailuck dropped by one of their Zoom calls recently! As Entertainment Tonight reports, the cast began having catch-up video calls via Zoom during quarantine, which they dubbed "Cheer Chat." 

Gabi Butler, Morgan Simianer, Lexi Brumback, and Monica Aldama cheered for Teigen when she appeared, wearing towels around her body and hair while joining their video call from her bubble bath. Whitney Cummings was also present, serving as a kind of moderator. And when she asked Teigen to help her pick which celebs would be cast in a hypothetical movie about the Cheer squad, Teigen was up to the task!

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Teigen makes her own suggestions for actresses to play Cheer cast

Teigen listed off several A-list celebrities she thinks would be great Hollywood counterparts for the Cheer girls. First, she said that her daughter Luna should play Butler, while "a blonde Emma Stone" would be a great casting choice for Brumback. Anne Hathaway was her pick for Simanier, and either Reese Witherspoon or Sandra Bullock came to mind for Aldama.

Her call was then briefly interrupted by her husband John Legend, who appeared shirtless onscreen. "Leave me alone with my friends!" Teigen told Legend jokingly. Legend wasn't the only other celeb to pop in though! Michael Bublé, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher all dropped by the "Cheer Chat" as well. 

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Bublé says he doesn't want to hear any spoilers for the show

Cheer fans Kunis and Kutcher were thrilled to be joining in on the call. Kunis offered a few casting suggestions of her own, suggesting Teigen for Brumback and Jennifer Aniston for Aldama. "I don't know if you know this, but my husband and I are big Cheer fans and so congratulations on your big win," she gushed. "You guys are awesome. You have the best coach ever." 

Kutcher then revealed that he and Kunis have even been practicing their lift, a cheer move seen in the show. "We've been working on the lift. I tried to launch Mila off the stairs. I‘ve only dropped her a couple of times, so a few less than you guys have been dropped," he said.

And while Bublé was also present in the chat, he admitted that he'd just started watching Cheer, so asked that no spoilers be mentioned. "Is Canada that behind?" Kunis asked. "It's just me," Bublé said, laughing. 

Watch Chrissy Teigen and more celebs pop in on the Cheer cast's Zoom call!