The Today Show's "Weekend Today" segment was taken over by Australian superstar Chris Hemsworth! The hunk acted as weatherman but made the staffer's temperature rise! Watch the footage below!

Chris Hemsworth Does Weather Report For Australia

The Today Show's Lauen Phillips was giving a straight forward weather detail in a field in Scone, Australia when a recognizable face came to help! She was looking for horses when Chris Hemsworth himself walked up, took the microphone from her hands, and said "I heard you talking about looking for some horses, there's a bunch down here actually which I've noticed in the paddock. What are you doin'?" 

The Today Show hosts back in the studio Rebecca Maddern and Richard Wilkins had looks of shock and confusion on their faces while trying to process what was happening live on air. Rebecca and Richard had their jaws wide open while they watched The Avengers star take over the weather reporting. Flushed Lauren let him know they were doing the weather and asked if he would be willing to help and said, "I often get teased about not having the best presenting skills or pronunciation, want to help me out?" to which suave Chris responded, "Yeah, let's mispronounce all of these."

Chris did an impeccable job detailing the weather for the country as if he had been a weatherman his whole career and even called out "Dickie" Wilkins for interviewing his younger brother Luke Hemsworth saying, "apparently, you didn't want to interview me. You can't avoid me, mate. I'm everywhere." Chris was incredibly witty and quick, making the hosts laugh and even pretended to be a horse to gallop off-screen. 

While Chris had a wonderful morning hosting, the original act booked to do the weather report, Epic Cheer Allstars had their segment canceled when they were told crews would not be able to make it to them in time. Kev Graham, a father of the two young cheerleaders who were to be featured that morning posted to Facebook to air his grievances saying "So the TODAY show had organised to broadcast the weather segment from Epic Cheer Allstars gym on Sunday morning, the kids were super excited given they haven't been able to perform all year due to Covid. Then this morning they got a better offer from Chris Hemsworth in Byron and dumped the young athletes. Way to go kicking small town sports in the guts. Anyway for all those, I'd excitedly mentioned that the kids would be on the today show don't worry about it, maybe next time."

The disappointed father told "They say they will reschedule but I don't think that will happen. I understand that Chris is the golden ticket for ratings but I think most families that watch Today would have loved watching the athletes show off their sport. For some families, it would even be an introduction to competitive cheerleading in Australia." 

Viewers from all over the country were very excited to see Chris host the morning weather report while host Rebecca Maddern couldn't contain her joy and even fanned herself saying "I'm a bit hot!" Watch the footage of "Thor's" weather reporting here!