• Chris Noth is back on social media
  • He was silent for months after his scandal
  • The actor was accused of sexual assault

Nobody wanted anything to do with Chris Noth after he was accused of sexual assault and misconduct last year. Afterward, Noth was fired from The Equalizer, cut from And Just Like That, and dropped by his talent agency.

The actor also went silent on social media. But two months later, he is posting again — and he's acting like nothing ever happened.

Chris Noth is on social media and the reaction is surprising

Noth, who has denied the accusations, is on Instagram again posting about his kids. In the last few days, Noth shared an image of his son at a basketball game, and another of his own shadow while giving his youngest a piggyback ride.

It was his son's 2nd birthday, and Noth posted to celebrate. Meanwhile, the comment sections on Noth's posts are a bit surprising.

As in, there are hundreds of comments, and like 99% of them support Noth, despite the brutal allegations against him. "Welcome back to Insta Chris. I believe you," reads a top comment.

"Amazing days and happiness always to this whole family. The sun will always shine. We are with you," wrote another fan. "Chris I still believe you" and "Glad you're back," others wrote.

Not that photos of Noth's kids are the best place to attack him, but... many comments ignore the children and focus on defending Noth. So it all feels a little off, and some commenters even suggest the pictures seem strategic.

Also interesting:

A rare negative reaction reads: "Think of them when your actions could impact every aspect of their lives."

Another user added: "Aren't you an alleged rapist? In my personal opinion you shouldn't be posting about your kids. You should be apologizing for your discretions. More than one woman corroborated your actions."

In December, two women accused Noth of rape, in sexual encounters he claims were consensual. Further sexual assault and misconduct allegations followed. 

Though he has not yet been charged with a crime, Noth faced repercussions including being fired from his popular TV series The Equalizer.