• The 2022 Oscars came to a standstill when Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock
  • The Academy of Motion Pictures is looking to take action against Will Smith
  • Chris Rock hasn't pressed charges and has remained silent about the incident

All of Hollywood, from producers, to directors, to fellow actors, and even the general public were appalled at Smith's outburst. But perhaps the most shocking part of the whole thing was that Will Smith wasn't removed from the ceremony, and he in fact, went on to win the Oscar for Best Actor. Days after the incident, Chris Rock was back on stage doing stand up comedy...

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Chris Rock Has Become More Respected As A Result Of The Assault

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Rock stepped on stage again in a comedy club in Boston where he was greeted by a standing ovation from the crowd who applauded him for several minutes before he even began his set. With the crowd fully on his side, everyone was waiting to see if Chris Rock would address the incident.

"How was your weekend?" Rock joked before getting into his set as reported by The Associated Press. Fans were eager to hear his take on things, but Rock only briefly addressed the slap to the sold out crowd in Boston, saying he was "still kind of processing what happened."

"If you came to hear that, I'm not ... I had like a whole show I wrote before this weekend," Rock said, mitigating any further backlash. "Other than the weird thing, life is pretty good," Rock carried on.

Rock's Star In On The Rise Again

The fact is, Will Smith's aggression has only served to boost Chris Rock's stock in the entertainment business. His ticket prices soared after the smack, with audiences now more than willing to pay good money to see the legendary comedian on stage again. For many, the fact that Rock carried on with his job after being assaulted is a huge plus to his credit.

Outside the venue, a fan showed off a T-shirt featuring the "G.I. Jane" logo and Pinkett-Smith's face. At least one person yelled during the show that Rock should sue Smith, which proves that the court of public opinion is on Rock's side.

It's more than likely that Smith will be made to publicly apologize to Rock...although Rock's reaction and his take on things is still to come.