Clarke Peters feels bad for having judged Chadwick Boseman based on what he saw on set! As People shares, Peters opened up to Good Morning Britain about his experience working with Boseman on the set of Da 5 Bloods, which was released just a couple months before the late actor's death.

Peters says he "wasn't the most altruistic" on set of Da 5 Bloods

Peters admitted that his first impression of Boseman wasn't exactly the most forgiving one. "I have to say with a little bit of regret that I probably wasn’t the most altruistic in that environment, but hindsight teaches us a lot of things," he explained. Then, he went on to share his initial thoughts.

"What I'm addressing is basically, my wife asked what Chadwick was like. I was really excited to work with him," Peters shared. "I said, 'I think he's a little bit precious.' And she said, 'Why?' And I said, 'Because he's surrounded by people who are fawning over him.'

Clarke Peters attends the UK Premiere of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri on October 15, 2017.

Peters thought Black Panther had gone to Boseman's head

Peters said that seeing people constantly fussing over Boseman made him think at the time that the actor had a big ego. "He has a Chinese practitioner, who is massaging his back when he walks off set. He has a makeup lady massaging his feet. His girlfriend is there holding his hand," he shared. "And I'm thinking maybe the Black Panther thing went to his head."

However, after recently finding out that Boseman was fighting a battle with colon cancer while they were filming, Peters wishes he hadn't been so quick to judge him. "I regret even having those thoughts because they were really looking after him," he said, getting visibly emotional as he reflected on the moment.

Boseman "never complained," said director Spike Lee

Peters and Boseman filmed Da 5 Bloods on location in Asia, and even the film's director Spike Lee had no idea what Boseman was going through at the time. "We filmed Da 5 Bloods in Thailand, and it was hot, jungles, mountains, and Chadwick was there with us all the way," he said. "I never, ever suspected that anything was wrong. No one knew he was going through treatment, chemotherapy."

Lee then went on to say that Boseman was a "trooper" and "never complained" about the challenges he faced. "He was there every single minute in the moment. And his performance is a testament to what he put into that role, and all his roles," he shared. "We miss you, Chadwick, we’re going to celebrate your life." Lee's comments came during his annual Brooklyn ♥ MJ block party, held in celebration of Michael Jackson's birthday.

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Back in April, Boseman sparked concern after a video surfaced of his dramatic weight loss— a video that takes on new meaning now that we know the sad truth. While Da Bloods was the last of Boseman's projects to be released during his lifetime, his final movie role was in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. The movie also stars Viola Davis, and is set to be released on Netflix later this year, giving fans of Boseman one last glimpse of the actor in action.

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