• Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are caught in a public trial
  • Eva Green is great friends with Johnny Depp
  • Green has spoken out in defense of the actor

It truly has been a harrowing public battle that would take a massive toll on anyone involved with it. And Johnny's good friend Eva Green knows all about the pressures of public speculation. Green has "no doubt" Johnny Depp's life "will be better than it's ever been" after his legal battle with Amber Heard is over.

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Eva Green Is One Of Many Celebrities Standing By Johnny Depp

"Perfect Sense" Premiere - 2011 Sundance Film Festival

Eva shared a beautiful photo of herself and the 58-year-old actor on Instagram promoting their 2012 film together with the caption: "I have no doubt Johnny will emerge with his good name and wonderful heart revealed to the world, and life will be better than it ever was for him and his family." Talk about the support of a friend!

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