Crystal Hefner doesn't regret the personal transformation she's undergone over the past few years! The former Playboy model made a new Instagram post on Monday where she spoke out about the major way she changed her life, sharing the impact that it's had on her since.

Hefner says that she feels "more authentic" 

Hefner was candid in her caption, beginning by thanking those who still follow her. She explained that she used to be "living for other people" and wasn't happy, admitting that she was "suffering internally" during her Playboy days. While she became known for taking sexy photos at the time, Hefner has now said "modesty is what empowers me," and shared her desire for a genuine life.

⁣"I removed everything fake from my body and deleted all my old photos," Hefner wrote. "I am more authentic, vulnerable and feel that I belong more to myself." And while she mentioned that the drastic change to her social media presence affected her following count, Hefner says she's noticed a positive upward swing. "Now I truly feel I have an army of supporters that care and see an actual soul behind the lens," she said, mentioning that many of them are women.

Hefner ended her message on a positive note, encouraging her followers to find their own authentic happiness. "I hope all of you can stay true to yourself and to what feels right for you as well," she said, "because there’s a certain power you get from that you can’t find anywhere else." Hefner has been known to be open about her health struggles and share photos taken in her day-to-day life on social media, as well as sharing the occasional Playboy throwback.