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Adam Rodriguez was born to play a cop. He did so in his first TV job, an uncredited role on NYPD Blue, before landing a main role on short-lived police series Brooklyn South in 1997. However, no series was more important for the actor than CSI: Miami, in which he acted for over 200 episodes. Here's what he's been up to since then.

CSI: Miami - "Eric Delko" actor Adam Rodríguez

Born in 1975 in New York, Adam Michael Rodriguez already had plenty of experience when he auditioned to play "Eric Delko," the fingerprint and drug expert with the Miami Crime Scene Investigation Unit.

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However, that was not the first time Rodriguez played this character, as he featured in one episode of the main CSI series beforehand. The chapter served as the pilot for the spin-off located in Miami in 2002.

For the next 10 years (2002-2012), Rodriguez won over audiences with his work and even expanded his talents to directing two episodes. After the series ended, he continued to work, later securing a huge role in another of the most popular "criminal" series on US television.

CSI: Miami to Criminal Minds: Adam Rodriguez's career now

After the CSI: Miami finale, Rodriguez added to his resume work on other popular TV series, such as The Night Shift, Jane the Virgin and Empire. He also acted in all Magic Mike films, alongside Channing Tatum, and voiced a police character in The Incredibles 2.

Today: Adam Rodriguez and wife Grace Gail in 2020.

But his best-known role post-CSI: Miami came as special agent "Luke Alvez" in the final three seasons of Criminal Minds, which ended in 2020.

All these programs have made for a consistent TV presence for Adam Rodriguez. What's more, in 2020, the actor joined Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (cancelled after one season, sadly) and acted as a guest in an episode of the sensational comedy One Day at a Time.

Given Rodriguez's track record, it shouldn't be long until we see him break through on another TV show in the near future — and we'll be tuning in when he does. For more CSI: Miami memories, see pictures of David Caruso through the years here.