Star Trek icon William Shatner recently became the oldest man to ever visit space, launching above the earth's atmosphere aboard billionaire Jeff Bezo's passion space project Blue Origin. Although Shatner made international headlines with this new frontier, not everyone was a big fan of his expedition. Following much talked about criticism from Prince William, this week Dame Joan Collins took aim at Shatner herself.

In her latest appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show on ITV, Collins spoke about Shatner's trip and said: “It’s amazing isn’t it? What a fool! Who wants to do that? No, absolutely not. Did you see Bill Shatner?" Collins was certainly not impressed by this particular piece of history.

Dame Joan Collins Criticizes William Shatner

Dame Joan Collins Takes Aim at William Shatner

William Shatner answered Prince William and defended of his trip, claiming that the prince was "confused". Shatner went on to say that this a new era in environmentalism because Blue Origin will help humanity dispose of its waste in space. However, some experts believe the 11 minute space expedition emitted 75 tons of carbon dioxide into the air, which begs the question: how "green" is this new industry?

“He was in the air and they were turning him upside down. Let’s take care of this planet first before we start going off," Collins went on. Despite the fact that Joan Collins and William Shatner once fell in love on screen in Star Trek, there is certainly no love lost here as is made clear by her remarks. Let's wait and see if William Shatner has anything to say to her in return.

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