• Daniel Craig has played "James Bond" since 2006
  • Craig last played the role in No Time to Die
  • The actor got emotional after watching the film

Daniel Craig's era as "James Bond" recently came to an end. The British actor has slipped into the role of the legendary "007", aka secret agent "James Bond," in a total of five films since 2006, and has changed dramatically over the years.

Craig "was in tears" after No Time To Die screening

Craig's last film as "James Bond," No Time to Die, celebrated its world premiere in September 2021. And as its co-editor Elliot Graham revealed, the actor was overwhelmed with emotions after watching an early screening of the film.

At the 2022 BAFTAs, where No Time To Die won Best Editing, Graham revealed that Craig was visibly touched when he saw the film. "You know, I'll tell a story that we're not supposed to, but he watched the rough cut of the film by himself," he shared.

Daniel Craig made his final appearance as James Bond in No Time To Die 

"And we were invited in a few minutes after the producers. And he was in tears. Because it was 18+ years of his life. And it meant that much to him." Graham also revealed how involved Craig was in the making of the film, saying that he made many "suggestions".

Also interesting:

"There are actors were filmmakers who understand the process. And he's one of them. He absolutely supports his collaborators, his directors, producers and writers," Graham said. "And he spent three days in the editing room with us and could not have been more of a gentleman." Seems like Craig has really set a precedent for whoever follows in his footsteps as the next "James Bond".