• The actor's strike has ended
  • 'Stranger Things' can begin filming again
  • David Harbour is excited for the show's return

David Harbour: "I'm ready to work"

David Harbour (48), the powerhouse actor behind the beloved character "Jim Hopper" on Netflix's global sensation 'Stranger Things,' is chomping at the bit to return to the eerie town of Hawkins! The star spilled the beans to 'PEOPLE' at the star-studded BoxLunch Holiday Gala, an event celebrating the partnership with Feeding America, in Los Angeles.

Harbour, who also stars in 'Gran Turismo,' couldn't contain his excitement about jumping back into the supernatural fray. "I'm thrilled with that. I'm ready to work," he gushed. The end of the SAG-AFTRA strike means Harbour will be back on set, ready to tackle the much-anticipated fifth and final season of the series that turned the Upside Down right side up!

According to 'PEOPLE', the first AD of 'Stranger Things' didn't waste a second, calling Harbour a mere 10 minutes after the strike news officially broke on Twitter, telling him to book his flight to Atlanta for Monday. "We'll be acting in Atlanta,” Harbour revealed.

During the historic strike, Harbour's days were filled with being a couch-potato and a touch of gloom, as he confessed to a bout of depression. "It's been bad," he admitted, noting his Google alert obsession and a half-read book as his main companions. But now, Harbour is buzzing with anticipation to leave the couch behind and step back into Hopper's shoes.

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The 'Violent Night' star also got candid about his home life with songstress wife Lily Allen (38). Harbour shared how the strike brought them closer, despite Allen's preference for a bit of work-induced separation. "My wife likes when I go to work," he chuckled, acknowledging the healthy space it brings to their relationship.

As for the rest of the 'Stranger Things' squad, they've been tight-lipped since the WGA strike put a pause on production. However, Millie Bobby Brown (19), the series' breakout star, shared her readiness to bid farewell to the Demogorgons and psychic battles, eager to explore new creative horizons.