Good News for Doctor Who Fans As David Tennant Returns!

Doctor Who fans and David Tennant are excited about the new series! David will be reprising his role as the tenth Doctor alongside his favorite Doctor, Tom Baker! The fourth and tenth Doctor will be teamed up for the audio drama Doctor Who: Out of Time.

The series will be taking place at the Cathedral of Contemplation that exists outside of time, where the Doctor runs into one of his past lives and the two must work together to defeat invading Daleks! The exciting story is a dream for Tennent who idolized the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.

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David said of the fourth Doctor "Tom Baker was obviously the first Doctor that I knew. I was small when he took over and I grew up through the seven years that he was the Doctor. I was a massive fan." David could not stop gushing about his hero whom he even met at a book signing as a child, "There is something about the way he is associated with the character that seems utterly timeless."

We can't wait for the crossover! Doctor Who: Out of Time will be released in August 2020 on the Big Finish website.