• Demi Lovato is an international pop superstar
  • Their career has had many controversies surrounding it
  • Demi has posted some alleged fake artifacts on social media

In recent years, Demi has also become a symbol of feminism and female empowerment, as well as, a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. In fact, Demi has adopted "they/them" pronouns recently. But despite their incredible popularity, Demi has now found themselves in hot water over some posts they made on Instagram, showcasing some alleged authentic ancient Egyptian artifacts that, as it turns out, were not at all the real thing. But the story goes deeper than that...

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Demi Lovato Will Be Double Checking Her Posts From Now On

Demi showed off the certificates of authenticity for the artifacts, but experts were unconvinced, pointing out that those certificates look like they were made poorly in Microsoft Word! 

Erin Thompson, an art crime professor at the City University of New York, went in hard on Demi on Twitter with a long tirade of response posts, calling their trinkets “extremely bad fake Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern antiquities.” 

However, here's the rub of the whole thing: Erin points out that if Demi’s artifacts were actually real, that would mean that Demi bought illegal antiquities that were likely looted from Egypt, Iraq, Syria, or other countries...which would be a huge blow to the sovereignty of those countries, not to mention a great insult!

The Experts Have Spoken And An Apology Should Be Coming!

The black market for ancient antiquities is a huge draw for organized crime all over the planet, to which many murders and illicit activities can be connected. And now, it looks like Demi might be contributing to it! Thompson ended her rant on Twitter with the following:

"Anyway, here’s why I, a scholar of the looting and smuggling of cultural heritage, am asking everyone including apparently Demi Lovato not to participate in [the] destruction of the past,” and sharing a link and explaining why people should not be buying ancient antiquities even if they are real.

Let's see if Lovato issues another official apology on their social networks as they have done in the past. Either way, this is definitely a tough lesson learned!