If there's one thing everyone wants, it's a relationship built on support, and it would seem Demi Lovato has finally got it! The 28-year-old singer posted a texting conversation between her and her fiancé Max Ehrich, in which he compliments Lovato sweetly.

In the conversation, Lovato mentions her double chin, and Ehrich is making it clear she should love every part of herself! The singer posted the conversation saying she's still "programming" her brain to think differently in terms of body image.

Demi Lovato finds support from fiancé

Demi Lovato is sharing with the world just how sweet her beau is, posting a conversation between the couple in which Max Ehrich reminds the singer to love every part of herself.

The exchange starts by Lovato sending Ehrich a selfie while getting her hair done to which she comments, "I love you and ignore my double chin."

Ehrich responded back with, "I love every part of you baby."

Lovato then realizes her mistake in talking negatively about herself and replies, "Wait don't ignore it!!! Appreciate it!! YES BABY!!!" 

The screenshots were posted to her Instagram story, and she captioned the photo saying, "Don't mind me — just still reprogramming my thinking around body image with the most loving fiancé [Max Ehrich]"

Lovato and Ehrich announced their engagement this past July, just four months after they confirmed they were dating.

A source close to Lovato shared with People that, "He is very health conscious and doesn't enjoy partying — he's never seemed interested in the Hollywood club scene," adding that Ehrich is a very good influence on the singer.

Lovato has always been candid and open about her mental health, body image issues, and addictions, and it would appear her current love is helping her heal!