Netflix has just released a promo for Prince Harry's documentary Rising Pheonix. The Duke of Sussex has some incredibly powerful and kind words for the fighters that inspired him to create Invictus Games and his documentary in the first place. See it here!

Prince Harry In Video Chat With Rising Pheonix Athletes

The Duke of Sussex himself spoke in a video chat with some of the inspiring athletes featured in his film about the message they are hoping to spread. Along with a small trailer of Rising Pheonix, Prince Harry spoke directly with some of the athletes he worked with, the U.S.'s Tatyana McFadden and Matt Stutzman, Italy's Bebe Vio, France's Jean-Baptiste Alaize, and South Africa's Ntando Mahlangu.

Harry told the athletes "With COVID and everything else that is happening at the moment, your stories and the strength that you guys show, is incredible and that needs to be seen more. It needs to be spoken about more, to try and get rid of the stereotyping to get rid of those preconceptions."

Prince Harry and Rio Woolf at Invictus Games 2016.

The athletes were encouraging Matt Stutzman, the record-breaking archer who has no arms, and asked him if he could compete in the Olympics to which he said "I decided to switch to able-bodied only competitions. So in 2017 I actually beat the entire United States able-bodied team and won National Championships." 

It is these tough athletes that inspired Harry and he told them "My biggest hope is that people will watch this film and go, 'No matter how hard my life is, no matter how hard a day or a week can be, this is what I aspire to, not just for me but for my family and all the loved ones around me.' It is that element that I think will end up changing the world, so well done, and thank you very much."

Prince Harry and the USA Wheelchair Rugby Team at Invictus Games 2016.

His message was very well-said and left the athletes with enormous smiles. Watch the video here: