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Kelly LeBrock: These Are Her 3 Husbands

Michael Learned's first husband was Canadian-American actor, Peter Donat. The pair married in 1956 when she was only 17, and he, 28. They also have three sons from their sixteen-year long marriage, which ended in divorce in 1972. 

This is Michael Learned's first husband: Peter Donat

Learned wed her second husband only a couple years after her split from Donat. In 1975, she married Glenn Chadwick, but the duo would soon divorce in 1977.

Michael Learned's second husband Glenn

Third time's a charm... or not. In 1979, Michael Learned married actor-screenwriter William Parker. The couple continued their marriage for 9 nine years, until their separation in 1988. 

Learned's third husband: William Parker

Now, The Walton's star seems to be content with her fourth husband, lawyer, John Doherty. Their nuptials took place in 1988, and the couple currently resides in California. 

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