Reese Witherspoon Declares She's "Best Friends" With Beyoncé

She jokes about her newfound friendship with the singer!

Reese Witherspoon Jokingly States She's "Best Friends" With Beyoncé

While speaking to Buzzfeed about their new TV show Little Fires Everywhere, Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington revealed they almost starred in the 1995 film Clueless!

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After the Legally Blonde actress said she auditioned "so hard" for Clueless but didn't get it, the Scandal star surprised the crowd revealing she did it too!

Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington are on board for a Clueless remake

Reese and Kerry might not have starred in the legendary teen movie, but they actually brought up the idea of a film remake starring both of them. "We should do like a remake,” said Kerry, while Witherspoon added, "we could recreate a scene, that would be so fun."

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In the originally Clueless film, Alicia Silverstone played "Cher," a Beverly Hills young girl who navigates high school life by matchmaking to her friends and professors. Stacey Dash played "Cher's" best friend, "Dionne," while Paul Rudd portrayed "Cher's" former stepbrother "Josh." 

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