Scandal's leading ladies want you to listen up and learn about an issue that they're incredibly passionate about! In a new public service announcement for International Women's Day, Kerry Washington — who starred as "Olivia Pope" in the hit legal drama — joins co-stars Bellamy Young, Katie Lowes, and show creator Shonda Rhimes to talk about the inequality facing women.

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Scandal stars come together to advocate for women's equality

The Scandal foursome have teamed up for the #WomenEqual PSA on behalf of the anti-poverty association CARE, which sees them informing viewers about many of the struggles women encounter as a a result of societal gender bias. Throughout the video, they address issues of assault, violence, and poverty, and well as the disparity in regards to the gender pay gap. 

"Some people say a woman can't be president," Young says at one point. "That women can't both be mothers and leaders," Lowes chimes in. "I won't stand for that," Washington says in the video, taking a firm stance against gender-based inequality. "I believe in a world where women are equal". 

The ad ends with the women of Scandal urging viewers to sign a petition to "make women equal" in support of the Safe From the Start Act.

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See the Scandal ladies in their #WomenEqual PSA for International Women's Day here!

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