• Kim Kardashian isn't happy with Kanye West's posts
  • Kardashian says West has caused her "emotional distress"
  • Kardashian explains why divorcing West is the best solution

Kim Kardashian is none too pleased with Kanye West's online antics! As Entertainment Tonight shares, newly obtained court documents in Kardashian's divorce filing reveal she has called West out for his social media posts, which upset her for several reasons.

Kardashian says West "has created emotional distress"

Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson have been the target of several of West's bizarre Instagram posts. In the documents, she said that West's decision to share "a lot of misinformation regarding our private matters and co-parenting on social media" is something that "has created emotional distress."

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The reality star also said she believes legally separating from West is in the best interest of her family. She and West share four children, and Kardashian expressed her intent to "move forward on a better path which will assist us in peacefully co-parenting our children." While West did delete the Instagram posts in question, briefly appearing to turn over a new leaf, the rapper has since bragged about causing Davidson to deactivate his account.

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Kardashian's divorce proceedings have been going on for about a year now. After speculation that "Kimye" was headed for a split, the reality star officially filed for divorce from West last February. Kardashian shared that she plans to focus on her own happiness in 2022, choosing to prioritize herself and her family.