• Kanye West has deleted his past Instagram posts
  • He made a statement saying he's trying to do better
  • West addressed "harassing" ex Kim Kardashian online

Kanye West seems to be looking to make a fresh start! On Tuesday, the rapper took to Instagram once again, but his new post surprised his followers for a very different reason than usual. 

West talks about taking "accountability" for behaviour

West has been known to go on bizarre rants on Instagram, many of which he's directed towards ex Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson. He also made headlines earlier this month for calling out Billie Eilish, which Eilish responded to. However, it seems as though West is looking to change his approach to social media. The rapper shared a photo of him standing amongst some clouds along with a surprisingly rational statement.

He acknowledged how his now-deleted old posts came across, explaining he's become aware that the aggressive capitalization "makes people feel like I’m screaming at them." While he did not specifically share how he plans to do so, West shared he's "working on my communication," saying he could enlist the help and support of others to help him put his ideas into motion. 

Also interesting:

West also addressed the "jarring" nature of the posts he directed at Kardashian, which featured private screenshots. He admitted that they could be seen as "harassing" his ex, whom he recently begged to bring their family together. "I take accountability," West said, admitting that he is "learning in real time." Hopefully this new post marks the beginning of West deciding to move forward with his life in a more positive way!