Don Johnson is making the most of his time in Greece.

The 71-year-old actor recently shared several photos of the breathtaking country, where he's been staying with his wife Kelley Phleger. And the married couple of 22 years look to be having a blast!

Don Johnson posts new Greece pictures with wife Kelley

Up first, the Miami Vice actor most recently posted a photo of Kelley getting some sun. The 52-year-old poses by a pool overlooking a spectacular view of Greek hillside homes.

With the photo, Johnson wrote the cheeky caption: "Excuse me..." But that wasn't all. The Nash Bridges star also struck a fun pose in another photo at sea with his wife.

"In Greece, AWESOME!!!" Johnson captioned the picture, where he's seen sporting a beard with his sunglasses and a hat.

Don Johnson's 2021 Greece trip: Knives Out sequel?

Johnson had been in Greece since late July, and it's thought he may have been there to shoot the sequel to Knives Out, his popular mystery-comedy film from 2019.

There's some secrecy about the shoot, however, as Johnson wasn't announced as a main star, and only Daniel Craig is expected to reprise his role in the sequel. So it could be a smaller cameo for Johnson.

Johnson currently stars on Kenan, and he's also participating in a Nash Bridges reboot that began production this year. So he's not slowing down now in his 70s!

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