A few days ago, a fatal accident shocked people around the world as Alec Baldwin accidentally shot camerawoman Halyna Hutchins on the set of his film Rust with a pistol believed to be unloaded. While many celebrities have shown their condolences and sympathy, mourning Hutchins after her death, Donald Trump Jr. has instead made fun of Alec Baldwin.

Donald Trump Jr. wants to monetize Baldwin gun tragedy

Trump Jr. wants to print and sell T-shirts on which "Guns don't kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people" is written,  wants to earn money with the tragic event. According to The Daily Beast,  posted a picture in his Instagram story that shook people. The edited photo shows Baldwin wearing one of Trump Jr.'s shirts.

For such malicious behaviour, Trump Jr. has received extreme backlash on social media. "In the event anyone has forgotten what a bunch of tacky, classless, empathy-deprived, grifter, jerks Donald Trump and his spawn are, here’s Junior reminding us," political strategist Ana Navarro tweeted. "He is cashing in on a tragedy that cost a young mother her life. Because there is literally nothing they won’t exploit." 

Other comments on Twitter read: "Do we agree that the Trump family can safely be described as antisocial?" and "Tasteless. When schadenfreude takes over corpses, it is only primitive." Baldwin only commented on the set accident a few days ago. Trump Jr. seems to have been waiting for his chance to get back at Baldwin, who parodied his father for a long time on the late-night show Saturday Night Live.

Actor Alec Baldwin

Donald Trump Jr. mocks Baldwin with Instagram posts

Baldwin could make most people laugh with his parody of the former president, but he was arguably a thorn in the side of the Trumps. In public, Baldwin also repeatedly advocated stricter gun laws and made no secret of being a Trump critic. Over the past few days, Trump Jr. has made inappropriate posts about Baldwin and the accident.

"That look when an anti-gun spinner kills more people with one gun than your extensive collection of firearms ever did," he captioned a photo of Baldwin looking right at the camera. Another of his Instagram posts shows his father in a pose that looks like he's about to fire a gun. "Donald Trump rehearsing an SNL sketch in which he plays Alec Baldwin," Trump Jr. commented, again making light of an incident that is nothing to joke about.