Fans will remember Jane Seymour as the star of the hit series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Now over 20 years later, Jane is spilling all of the cherished behind the scenes secrets!

Jane Seymour Behind The Scenes of Dr. Quinn

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was one of the most successful series of the '90s. It tackled serious social issues with such incredible grace that Jane's character will forever be a female icon. 

Jane opened up to Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier during the Iconic Leading Ladies of the '90s Week about her time on the hit show. Jane explained, "The first thing I remember is that my ex-husband at that time had lost all our money, left me nine million in the red with lawsuits from every major bank."

Joe Lando and Jane Seymour in 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman'.

The former Bond girl said, "I was homeless, penniless and I called my agent and said I would do anything. He called the networks, and they said, how about a little movie of the week? But she has to sign for five years in case it becomes a series, she has to start tomorrow morning, less than 12 hours from now, and that was it!"

Jane is grateful for her chance on the show, "They saved my life. I got a roof over my head, I got some money so I could get back on my feet, and my kids could come out to the set and do their schoolwork in the trailer and they wrote the most beautiful material ever."

Jane Seymour and Roger Moor in 'Live and Let Die' 1973.

When asked what about the show "captured people's imaginations" Jane adorably replied with "First of all there was a really gorgeous guy called Joe Lando playing a man called Sully. I think most of the women went, 'Oh yes!' So, we ticked that box."

Frazier hilariously asked for the "Dr. Quinn tea" which prompted the Emmy Award-winning actress to warn fans, "Never fall in love with your leading man in the pilot and then break up before they pick it up."

Speaking of the hunky actor behind "Sully" Joe Lando, Jane said the pair: "fell madly in love, ran off to Bora Bora, he realized that everyone recognized me even in the middle of nowhere and that wasn't going to work. So, that was it. And then they picked up our show. So, all that sexual tension you saw, it was real!"

Jane Seymour and James Keach at the 54th Grammy Awards in 2012.

What made filming even more tense was that Jane ended up marrying Dr. Quinn director James Keach who "had to direct Joe and I making out."

"I remember not even talking to him and then we'd be feeding one another berries and we'd be half-naked jumping off cliffs and kissing and everything." Her relationship with both her co-star and the series director caused great heartache for Jane who said, "There were tears cried."

The Live and Let Die actress is so proud of the show considering, "It dealt with everything: racism, bigotry, alternative medicine, immigration." It was a huge inspiration for women watching everywhere. Fans watched weekly to see Jane's character fight to be taken seriously and respected as a female doctor in the 1800s.

Series creator Beth Sullivan has in fact written a follow-up series that would "pick up 26 years later." Luckily for us, Jane is absolutely on board! "I'm astounded that of all the shows that have been brought back, that's the one that hasn't. It's a no-brainer really."

Jane Seymour at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 19, 2020.
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