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Pamela Sue Martin was born in Westport, Connecticut on January 5th, 1953. She got her first-ever acting role during her senior year of high school when she starred in To Find a Man (1972). Her success only continued to grow from there and the now 70-year-old is still active in the acting business. But what about her love life? 

Pamela Sue Martin was married and divorced three times

Pamela Sue Martin has had quite the love life! Her first marriage only lasted a year from 1979 until 1980. Pamela and Jorge Brusch got married on Valentine's Day and separated a year later. They had no children together and there is really no information on the Dynasty star's first husband.

Pamela Sue Martin and Manuel Rojas 

Martin's second husband was Manuel Rojas. They married on August 22, 1982, and divorced five years later in 1987. Rojas is a fellow actor and is known for his roles in Buchanan Rides Alone (1958), Death of a Cyclist (1955) and The Magnificent Matador (1955). The couple also had no children while they were together. 

Pamela Sue Martin has one son

Pamela Sue's most recent husband is Bruce Allen. They got married in May of 1990 and divorced eight years later in 1998. This was her longest marriage and she also had one child with Bruce, a son named Nicholas Allen.

You can catch Pamela Sue Martin on the pilot of Nancy Drew as "Harriet Grosset", which is her latest works in 2019. 

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