When it comes to Dirty Dancing, there have always been rumors floating around that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey never liked each other. Now, new footage from behind the scenes has emerged on Instagram and it looks like Swayze and Grey - contrary to popular belief - actually had an amazing time together while they were practicing the iconic dance moves, including THAT legendary lift scene.

The Instagram clip on the popular account thiswashollywood shows Swayze, Grey and the famous Dirty Dancing choreographer Kenny Ortega. Ortega is also responsible for the choreography of all the High School Musical movies and has won multiple Emmy Awards for his work.

Dirty Dancing: New clip from the rehearsals surfaces

The clip has been watched over 200,000 times already and sparked some comments from many users, including celebrities like Hilary Swank, who commented "So incredible". It looks like the Million Dollar Baby star is also a Dirty Dancing fan! Singer and actress Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill) also commented on the post, saying "Damn that’s hot" - we couldn't agree more!

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